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ImmunoMet Therapeutics Company Presentation

2:15 PM–2:30 PM Jun 8, 2016

Room Company Presentation Theater 4

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/Company Description/ ImmunoMet Therapeutics is currently headquartered in the Texas Medical Center, c/o J-Labs, Houston and a spin-off of Korea-based HanAll Biopharm . We focus on developing innovative oncology drugs to increase patient survival by disrupting cancer metabolism and enhancing anti-cancer immunity. /Mission Statement/ ImmunoMet Therapeutics is dedicated to bringing a significant improvement to the health and quality of life of patients and providing value to investors by developing and delivering novel, safe therapies that leverages new scientific insights in the areas of cancer immunology and metabolism to improve clinical outcomes of cancer patients.   At ImmunoMet Therapeutics, we strive to build a sustainable drug development company through excellence in science, technological innovation and management.   

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More Information Website: http://www.immunomet.com