With new insights into the microbiome coming every day, the race to application and commercialization of this new and complex system continues. Current research links modulation of the microbiota to targets as diverse as cancer, metabolic disease, psychiatry and infectious disease, just to name a few. Researchers are producing and characterizing large reference genome libraries of the microbiota using a variety of methods. While most interaction pathways have not yet been fully elucidated, therapies and fine-tuned diagnostics are on the way in the U.S. and fully deployed in some international countries. During this session, we will share collective insight on where the current targets are and how we might improve health by modulating our microbiome. Will this new ‘organ’ change the way we diagnose and treat diseases? Join us for a provocative and interactive session as microbiome experts take us through the current applications and future directions for harnessing this interesting new field in microbiology.

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