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Company Overview

SP-Nanobiotech Inc. develops self-assembling synthetic viruses based on advances in DNA nanotechnology. Synthetic viruses are designed for delivery of proteins and nucleic acids to any sub-cellular address. Our platform technology mimics the physiology of natural enveloped viruses without using viral components or genes in order to minimize innate immunological disturbance within the cell. All synthetic virus components and applications are modular, allowing incremental improvement of the technology as new components are designed. As an example, dynein (motor) light chains can be linked to our synthetic virus scaffold to actively shuttle effectors like Cas9 nuclease or therapeutic nucleic acids through the cytoplasm upon the microtubule cytoskeleton. Our technology is intended to collate advances in immunology and molecular biotechnology into one smart drug delivery vehicle. This cloud learning approach to designing delivery vehicles allows for a wider collaborative effort with greater translative effects between the lab bench, animal model and clinics. The first application of our prototype kit is the delivery of enhanced Sp.Cas9 nuclease protein into the cytoplasmic compartment for in vitro genome editing.

At this year's BIO convention we will be looking for partners interested in testing our genome editing prototype kit and will welcome any questions you may have at our booth.

Employees (2)
Aaron Froese

Dr. at SP-Nanobiotech Inc.


Erika Froese

Manager at SP-Nanobiotech Inc.