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Company Overview

2bind is a service provider for biophysical analyses and offers in addition products for epigenetic research. Since April 2016 2bind is the first certified service provider for technologies of NanoTemper Technologies, Munich.
Our mission is to provide optimal analytical services to our customers from pharma and biotech.

We assist our customers with our sophisticated analytical capabilities.

1. nanoDSF assays to characterize the thermal and chemical stability (Tm) as well as aggregation tendency (Taggr) of proteins.
Buffer or detergent screens are used to determine optimal conditions for proteins in terms of stability. Furthermore, quality controls can be performed to find optimal long term storage conditions and formulations. In addition, the aggregation onset temperature of proteins can be determined.
Our precise and fast nanoDSF assays work without modification of the target protein (labelfree), with free choice of buffer and low sample consumption. These services offer high information content to scientists interested in Antibodies, enzymes and proteins.

2. MicroScale Thermophoresis assays to study molecular interactions in solution.
Our sophisticated MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) assays help to study interactions between any kind of molecules in solution in any kind of buffer.We offer a broad assay range from high throughput screens, binding assays, competition assays, assays with multiple binding partners and so on. Basic binding parameters such as affinity, stoichiometry and thermodynamics can be determined.
Our MST platform is working fast, consumes low sample material, offers integrated quality controls and is cost efficient. The MST services offer high information content to scientists interested in drug development, antibody characterisation and aptamer generation.

Supporting our analytical services we offer to clone, express and purify proteins. Furthermore, we label proteins with fluorophores.

As spin-off from an epigentics lab (Prof. Gernot Längst, University of Regensburg), we are offering the production of various chromatin templates and epigenetic analytical services. 2bind can help you with the production of standardized and customized chromatin templates. Positioned mononucleosomes, dinucleosomes and chromatin arrays are available. We can decorate your specific DNA template with nucleosomes. You can choose between human recombinant histones or native chicken histones and between unmodified templates, fluorescently tagged templates and biotinylated chromatin templates. Furthermore we offer as epigenetic analytical services the measurement of the interaction between your epigenetic effector and various target molecules using our MicroScale Thermophoresis platform.

Employees (1)
Thomas Schubert

Dr. at 2bind GmbH

Regensburg GERMANY